A Clear Description Of Social Media

There has been such a huge hype around social media. You may have heard people talking how everything moves to the Internet and to the Social media. They say that it’s extremely important (almost crucial) to your business to exist in social media.


It’s not Facebook or Twitter itself. Instead of talking about social media services we are talking about the way we are using the internet. In this article I’ll tell you more, so keep reading…

Social media isn’t very complicated term, it is:

* Content that is made together
* Comments, reviews, shared experiences and different point of views
* Blogs, forums, chats
* Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…

Here goes the key of this text:

The user in the Internet can participate to the dynamic content that is in the Internet, by using different Web 2.0 services


To clarify this thing a little bit, let’s take a look of traditional media. What is traditional media? It is a bunch of traditional communication tools (newspapers, books, television, radio…)

Let’s think of a newspaper. It’s a paper, that has information in it. You read it and suddenly notice that you strongly disagree the head article. But you can’t throw a comment because your role is only a reader. That’s how it goes, the information goes always to one way.

Luckily, there is social media. It gives us an opportunity to put our opinions in the Internet. So after you’ve read the newspaper, you turn on the computer and open the browser:

a) You write a comment to the article that is also in the Internet

b) You update your Facebook-status: “How dare they write something like that in newspapers?”

c) You write an article to your blog that is a protest to the article presented in newspaper.

d) You are grumbling in forums out there

e) You make a short videoclip about the topic and submit it to YouTube.

So.. Here goes everything in brief:

1. The user creates content
2. The content is based on Web 2.0 elements
3. The content is modified, reviewed and commented -> it changes its shape alongside users(Wikipedia)
4. Everybody can take part and become noticed

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