Body Fat Percentage Calculator – Weight Loss Formula

In a weight conscious culture, a body fat percentage calculator is of utmost importance as both men and women alike want to look their best and be at their optimal weight. However although many traditional weight loss programs are excellent at assisting with losing weight and tracking body weight with a standard scale, they are not able to give as accurate a number as can be gotten from a body fat percentage calculator. Body conscious and health aware consumers now want more from their scale than a simple weight number. In order to track Age calculator weight loss, health, and the efficiency of a workout regimen, it is also important to have a body fat percentage calculator. These tools can accurately reflect the amount of muscle to fat in each individual and can lend clarity as to what is working in an exercise routine and what may need to be changed.

What Is A Healthy Fat Percentage

A body fat percentage calculator assists in determining what amount of the body is excess weight versus muscle and bone. A healthy number is dependent on different factors and is not simply cut and dry. A healthy amount varies by age, gender, height, weight and relative muscle mass. A body fat percentage calculator will give an accurate reading. This number can be measured by dividing the entire weight of the individual’s fat by their total weight. There are some online tools available which can assist in estimating body fat. Typically the essential fatty tissue within the human body should be 3-5% in men and 8-12% in women. However this range is not a set number as a healthy ratio also varies by age. In addition, this number is representative of the essential fatty tissue composition within the body and is not reflective of the storage fatty tissue component. Essential fat is that which is necessary to promote ongoing life functions while storage fat is composed of adipose tissue which insulates the internal organs found in the chest and abdomen. Since it may be difficult to factor in all these variables to arrive at an accurate number, it is best to use a body fat percentage calculator for optimal accuracy.

Which Tools Analyze Accurately

Although there are online tools which will estimate the amount of fatty tissue for each person, it is best to purchase an analyzer or scale which will give a more individualized reading. These are the best body fat percentage calculators and can be used in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home. Some of these scales can also record the individual’s weight loss and progress over time which can assist tremendously in determining the efficiency of a weight loss and diet program.

These devices work precisely when the individual inputs their personal data into the storage memory of the scale. Then the scale will calculate the weight and reflect two numbers which are representative of the individual’s total body weight as well as their estimated amount of fatty tissue. These body fat calculators are extremely accurate and there are even some that work by passing a mild and unnoticeable electrical current throughout the body. The analyzer then reads the data of fatty tissue versus the muscle and bone and reflects this back as an exact amount to the user.

Universal Tracking Standard

These new devices and scales are a must for any one serious about their health routine and these body fat percentage calculators are an indispensable tool to assist with any workout regime. Having a body fat percentage calculator in addition to accurate weight loss tracking is vital for any weight loss program. In order to determine what is working, an individual will need to measure their progress against a universal standard. Having an efficient measurement tool will go a long way towards combining a healthy diet and exercise routine with the powerful tracking capabilities of a body fat percentage calculator.

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