Choosing the Right Gifts for the Women in Your Life

Do you want to know the real secret to buying the perfect gifts for women every time? Make them think you put some thought, time, and effort into it. Rather than going to the store the day before the holiday and snapping up whatever is left, shop online a few weeks early. Visit gift sites and read articles like this one, then narrow down your choices. It will only take lunch hour or two, but the effort will be worth it.

Gifts for Wives

Gifts for wives are often the cause of anger and disappointment. No wife wants to find a toaster under the tree, gifts for daughter even if she needs a new toaster. Instead, look for something personal. At this time of year, you’ll see lots of ads for diamond necklaces and earrings. That alone will make your wife’s eyes shine. You can win extra points by coming up with more creative packaging. For example, buy a gorgeous burlwood jewelry box, then tuck the earrings into the top compartment. When she unwraps the box, she’ll exclaim over the beauty of the wood. If she doesn’t open the lid, find a way to open it yourself so she can discover her “bonus gift” inside.

Gifts for Sisters

Sisters are just as hard to please, but they’re probably expecting less of you than your wife. If you usually ask your wife to shop for your sister, make the effort yourself this year. Find a nice scarf, a pretty necklace, a nice leather photo album, a small leather jewelry case, or something else that says you know what she likes. You can always ask your wife for help on this one. The important thing is that you choose it yourself. You can prove you chose it by wrapping it yourself, too, but that might be overkill if you’re all thumbs. In that case, have the store wrap it.

Gifts for Daughters

In most cases, your wife is in charge of shopping for your daughters, but if you’re a single dad, the duty falls to you. You can enlist female relatives to determine sizes and favorite stores. If you don’t want to risk buying the wrong shirt, you can’t go wrong with a generous gift card to her favorite store. If your daughter is entering her teenage years, consider our collection of teen jewelry boxes. These items are sophisticated enough to make her feel like an adult, but will fit within your budget.


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