Concrete Paint for Different Surfaces

Concrete paint is especially made for concrete surfaces. The type of paint to use, however, depends on the type of surface you intend to coat. Keep in mind that walls do not require the same coating as floors or stairs; and garage floors can be quite challenging. It is ideal to use the appropriate type for every surface. Also, see to it that you prime and prepare the surface that you are going to coat.

Preparing the wall or flooring prior to painting is very important. Most concrete surfaces do not require special cleaning. Before you coat the surface with concrete paint, see to it that there are no dirt particles, dust, grime, or traces of oil. You can use exterior Concrete paint and interior water-based products that are formulated for masonry use. Do not forget to inspect the label. Also, see to it that the first coat is thinned with a pint of water per gallon.

Painting concrete floors with a water-based product that is thinned out, penetrates and bonds with the surface better. You should apply a coat or two of undiluted paint over the first coating. Conversely, you can use oil-based paints in the same manner. You should thin it out using mineral spirits for it to penetrate and bond better with concrete.

Garage floors, on the other hand, have to be de-greased before painting. They should also be cleaned using muriatic acid to etch the hard surface. Preparing the garage floor, especially new concrete, is extremely important. If you do not degrease and clean it using muriatic acid, it will peel after just one or two years. Older garage floors that have already been exposed to different elements may no longer be etched before painting.

Take note that there are concrete surfaces which are porous, degraded, and cracked. In order to protect and do up these surfaces without having to spend a lot of money, you should consider stain such as wood stain. It penetrates deeply into the surface, giving it an added color without peeling or cracking.

A previously painted surface has to be stripped of peeling or loose flakes before repainting. It is crucial to use the same kind of concrete paint. For instance, if an oil-based product was used on the surface, an oil-based product should be used for repainting. You will have trouble painting concrete floors any other way as the properties are not the same.

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